Smart Guides distance Should show Equal distance between Widgets

This is expected,

The Smart Guides Distance between widgets should also highlight the equidistant widgets.

This is simply used to have equidistant widgets. Without using Distribute Horizontally.

PowerPoint and a ton of others do it, please.

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I second this! I have worked with Adobe XD before and I’m having a very hard time adjusting to not having this available in Axure! It’s pretty difficult to align things in equal distance without spending a lot of time on it. I’d rather invest more time producing actual design solutions instead of aligning and adjusting widgets.

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Now because i see this being upvoted (kind of) by others, i have to add some more details.

Have been using Figma since few months, and what i have realized is that Figma/XD are putting a lot of efforts in streamling and optimizing micro interactions.

Micro Interactions like:

  1. Swapping Elements in close proximity (E.g. 4 Icons in row, need to swap 1 by 3)
  2. Changing the distance between widgets (vertically or horizontally)
  3. Understanding User Intent and spacing duplicate widgets at same space.

In Axure we do these things and they take a LOT of time. No one would realize it until they are presented with a better way of doing it. Figma/XD are showing the better way.

Look at this attached GIF.

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