Snapshot widget crashes the app in Catalina 10.15.7

I love using the Snapshot widget to model different states of a screen. Since the upgrade, when I try to select a reference page to use as the snapshot, it hangs and I end up having to force-quit the app. Any ideas on how to get past this? Thanks!

You should submit crash report to with full description and attach your .rp file if possible.

I need to send an email to support about this as well. I just had Axure RP9 crash hard when placing a Snapshot widget in a dynamic panel (; Windows 10; Team Project hosted on Axure Cloud for Business On Premises). Couldn’t submit report via crash popup as app was hosed, as was my entire system. i was in Zoom meeting at the time, sharing my screen, and as Axure crashed all my screens went blank, although audio was still live and participants could see my screen. No way out but to shut down.