[solved] Best practice to work with hidden objects

Hello guys,
What’s the best practice to work with hidden objects?
Especially with collapsable rows and content hidden in a textbox, it can be quite annoying to have those hidden objects clickable at every time. Especially if there are many objects behind the hidden object.

Any device?

Thank you!


If it’s a dynamic panel or a group, you can choose “hide from view” in the outline view (in addition to setting the “hidden” property). It’s at the far right of the item’s entry in the outline view. The trouble with this is that if you have a lot of stuff on your page, it’s hard to find the “hide from view” widgets.

An alternative is you can move the hidden object offscreen to the right (since it’s hidden, it won’t affect the page size) and then move it to where you want it to be in its OnLoad interaction.

In a push/pull situation, you can start with the hidden widget showing (and with the widgets below in the spots they’re supposed to be when that widget is showing) and OnPageLoad hide the object, pulling widgets below. (This will happen before the page is displayed.)

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I bring those to the top, but if I forget to do that it may take time to find it again. It would be great to have an option here

to find hidden elements (where the checkbox is hidden)

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