[SOLVED] More info about selection

Hey friends,
is there a way to find out more about things that I selected?
For example I have these two rectangles here


I want to know their combined size. Is there a way to get that?
And how about the distance between them?

Group them to get a combined size (visible in the top right info pane).

To view distances between items, you can click and drag and see the smart snapping guides showing the distance between items.

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I never noticed this area. Thank you for that info!

I find that a bit unintuitiv to be honest. I think it would be easier to have a toggle for view or something that shows me all distances between my selected objects, you know?

Selecting two or three objects and while having ctrl + shift + d pressed (or something) it shows me all distances within my selection

Looks like you can use Axure Cloud to inspect distance values when you preview them. Not ideal as you need to publish each time, but could be handy to double check things.

You can hold [Alt] and hover the mouse around to view measurement guides.


This is beautiful! Thank you. It took me a moment to figure out how it works but this is really lovely. Thank you!

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