Some issues with 9 (performance and corrupt team files)

Our team started using Axure 9 teams a little back and we started seeing some issues crop up, which i’m having a hard time nailing down.

Our macs run 10.14.6 (Mojave) due to company policy, so we are always at least 1 OS version behind. Most are 2014-2015 15" pros. Axure is

We use team files with axshare, and other than being on a corporate network, i don’t think there is any restrictions to axshare.

We tend to work in large files that have visuals in them, so it’s not uncommon for a file to have many pages and be in the size of hundreds of MB. Many of the files also have interactions for user testing

Sometimes we get someone who after checking a page out, is unable to check the file back in due to what appears to be some corruption. Sometimes we can fix with resaving the file, but often we need to create a cloned team file that they reopen.

I personally have issues with Axure “beachballing”, unfreezing, then “beachballing” a second time, then allowing me to work for a period of time. It got better when i switched to a monitor that wasn’t scaling (at work I used a 4k monitor scaling to 2k, but at home I use a 2k native one), but I still have these performance hits, that I can’t explain. My coworkers tend to use 1080p monitors, and they don’t seem to have issues.

Is Mojave part of the issue with 9? is it file sizes? is it Axure 9 team files? Is there anything that i can troubleshoot on these issues?