Sometimes when I use shift + left mouse button, axure will get stuck

Sometimes when I use shift + left mouse button, axure will get stuck

Both axure8 and axure9

Hi! To help gather more information on this issue, do you see that you can reproduce this issue easily in a brand new file? If so, what sorts of widgets are you shift-clicking to cause Axure RP to freeze? If you’re able to provide specific reproduction steps as well as let us know whether this happens on Mac or Windows that would help to diagnose the issue. Thanks!

Every time I hold down the shift key to change the size of the rectangular component or imges, Axure will get stuck.

Sometimes when I hold down the shift key and drag the components,Axure will also get stuck.

Thanks for those details! Hmm, I’m not able to reproduce the issue in a quick test on our end on the latest build of Axure RP 9, on either Mac or Windows. To confirm, when you get the issue while pressing the [Shift] key and using the mouse, does it only happen in large pages or in large files, or can you also trigger the issue easily if you create a brand new file, add a box widget, and use [Shift]+[Mouse] on that widget?

If it happens in a new file, then would you mind sending a screenshot of your settings from the “Preferences” dialog to so that we can check what sorts of settings you have for the canvas, grids, guides, and widget snap?

If the issue only seems to happen in larger files, then it may be file performance contributing to the issue. You also mentioned you get the problem when using [Shift] to resize image widgets; by any chance do those images happen to be ones that were sliced via the Slice tool? We’re currently looking into performance issues that arise around interacting with image widgets that have been sliced, so this would help to determine if the issue is related.

If you have a file where you can consistently reproduce the problem then please feel free to post it here or send it to so that we can take a look. Thank you!

I finally found the reason, is the error caused by my custom lang file

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