Sound when changing page


I would like to play a short audio clip after a button has been pressed, the only problem is that the button also will link to another page in my file. Is this possible? Or is it like asking youtube to play after i’ve changed the url?

If the sound is played on the first page prior to loading the second page, you will need to add in a Wait action before the Open Link action, with enough time duration to play the entire sound, or it will get clipped when the second page loads.

If the sound is played on the second page then you can call it from that page’s Page Loaded event. If you are using a javascript method to play the sound you’ll likely need a “Wait 50 ms” before the javascript call, but this still has the effect of hearing the sound “immediately” as the page loads. This is the better approach, especially for a “short audio clip”.

If it is really important to play a sound exactly as the page loads, and/or to control an animated page transition, either “fake” your pages as dynamic panel states or use an inline frame to load the pages. With the inline frame approach, you’ll have a “shell page” with your audio files/pointers and an Inline Frame widget (you can size this widget to match the browser’s window dimensions; even do this automatically via the Page Resized event and [[Window.width]] , [[Window.height]] variables.)

okay - thanks a lot for the elaborated answer