[Sovled] Preview Problem on macOS Big Sur beta10

Click preview button and there is no response , the default browser is Chorme.
I tried the options of preview but still no response.

I have the same problem…

I got seem queston , macos big fuck …

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this! We were able to reproduce an issue previewing on Big Sur when page names contained characters from languages that don’t use the Latin alphabet (e.g. Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic). Does this seem to describe the issue you were all seeing?

If so, we have a fix for this issue on RP 8 (build 3395) and RP 9 (build 3722). Both of these updates are available by going to Help > Check for Updates in Axure RP.

Hi Julie,

Much thanks for replying. I just updated auxre9 to version and the issue was solved.

BTW, my current os version is big sur 11.0.1 release candidate 2 i just updated 1 hour ago.