Spacing at the edge of the pages!

Problem with the space that remains each time on the edges of my pages, please help!:confused:espacement

Can you provide a bit more information? Or a sample file?

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visualize my file, and slide from right to left, you will see the space that is created, yet I fit well in my prototype.

Black gaming web.rp (2.8 MB)

Ah. The problem is the drop-shadow on the background image behind the 3 tiles. To accommodate the width of the shadow on the right edge, Axure calculates the width of the page to be slightly wider than your intended 1280px.

A couple of solutions:

  • Wrap the image in a Dynamic panel and turn off “Fit to Content” for the dynamic panel. Then add some height to the dynamic panel to allow for the shadow below the image.
  • Add the shadow to the image itself and crop the right-hand shadow off in the image.

Option 1 attached
191115 Crop shadow Black gaming web.rp (2.7 MB)

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thank you so much for your help !

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