Speech bubble difference between design time and run time after rotation



Hi There,

I got some strange behaviour after rotating a Speech Bubble (i want it to point up, and have a top left aligned text which is not rotated),… good thing to know is that it’s inside a dynamic panel which i show and hide.

So i gave it a top padding of 30 and typed some text,… all looking good!

When i ran the prototype my so called title in the bubble was on the bottom!

So i aligned the text to the bottom and gave it a bottom padding of 30,… and yes that worked (in runtime)

So no i have a bad looking design-time to make it work in run-time

Probably this works the same for other widgets,… and should be fixed!



Rotating issues.rp (56.4 KB)


This should be working, is it possible to send an example file in?

Alternatively could you try it out on the latest release candidate,, Release Candidate | Axure and let me know if you are still seeing it?


Hi,… i added an RP file to address the issue (Issue 2 page),… i found another one one rotating and text alignment (Issue Page 1, just read it as a comic book :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help!


Issue 1: Unfortunately this is by design for now. Both text and Shape are rotated around the Shape’s center. This makes a whole boatload of scenarios easier to define and work with. It does look odd in this case, though, we’ll look into if there is something we can do to make this more natural. For now the best bet is to use Padding to push the text where you want it to go.

Issue 2: I am still not seeing this. It is rendering in the same place in Editor and Browser for me. Can you tell me what OS and browser you are using?

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