Spell check not showing up in 8.1 for windows

Hi all,
I spent quite some time trying to activate spell check on Axure 8.1 for windows 10.
Quite lost and unable to find a solution anywhere.

Anyone else faced/solved similar issue?
Would appriciate any kind of help/suggestion


Hi Shiva,

Spell Check on Windows should be available through “Edit > Spell Check” from the main menu of Axure RP, or with the [F7] key. If you aren’t seeing the spell check option, is there a chance your Windows 10 language and region is set to something non-English based? For example, some of our users were unable to find the spell check option when their language/region was set to Hebrew. And does it help if you change your region format setting to something English based? Based on what you find, I’ll be happy to file a request with our designated teams or investigate the issue further. Thanks!

So how do you spell check across the whole project or is there any setting we can add in axure for it ?

Hi AartiPandit!

Currently spell check can only be performed on a page-by-page basis. However, I’ll go ahead and file a feature request with our respective teams regarding this functionality on your behalf!