Sporadic push & pull problem RP9

There are times when I create a dynamic panel with the second state larger than the first and I check “push/pull” when I change each panel state. “Sometimes” when I create the content in the larger state the “dotted” line doesn’t move to accommodate with the additional content. When this happens, the widgets don’t see the panel grow and aren’t pushed or pulled. This doesn’t happen to me all the time.

I just tried it two more times in my prototype and both times it worked fine.

What is Axure telling me when I add additional content to a panel and it does not enlarge the “dotted” line?

There’s a checkbox in Dynamic Panels called ‘Fit to content’ - are you checking that? If it’s unchecked, Dynamic Panels won’t resize when they change state (and anything you paste/add into a state outside of the dotted line of visible content won’t cause the dotted line to resize).