Starred row when "unstarred", move to another table

Hi, I have looked at numerous questions and solutions regarding moving one row in a repeater to another when a button is clicked. The examples I found always only had one button. In my example, each row in the repeater has its own button. I have a favorite table showing all the “starred” items. When you “unstar” an item, it should move to the bottom table. I am not able to get the bottom table to update correctly. When I “unstar” A, it moves to the table as B; when I “unstar” C, it says “undefined”. What am I missing?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hard to say without the Axure file. I assume you are deleting a row from one repeater and adding it to the other, as opposed to using a filtering method

Are you deleting the row in table1 before adding the values in that row to table 2? I can see that causing an undefined state, since you can’t get the values from a deleted row. Try adding the row to table 2 before deleting it from table 1. Without the file, that’s my best guess.

favorite.rp (1.4 MB)

I have attached the file.

You are right! I simply switched adding before deleting and it worked! Thanks so much!!

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