Sticky Action-Button inside Multi-Select-Box

Hello everyone,

I have a small issue and I hope you can help me.
I want a button to be sticky during scrolling inside a Multi-Select-Box (Dynamic panel).
Example like on zalando:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Try creating a dynamic panel within a dynamic panel. One represents the pop-out menu and the other is specifically for the scrolling element within it.
Treat the pop-out menu as a ‘lightbox’ with no background so that when you click out of it it will hide itself.
Use the ‘hidden’ interaction on the pop-up menu dynamic panel to reset the arrow.
Attached is an example which I think works but will need further styling etc.
Click ‘Make’ above the filters…
test-menuFilter.rp (213.6 KB)
Have a play here…

Wow thank you for this quick response

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