Sticky Footer, Aligned centered without min width

Whats the best way to center a sticky footer that stays at the left edge even when the window gets smaller than the content?

Is there a solution that works within a contained panel. Without referring to the onWindowResize functionality?
Heres an example (with onWindowResize sadly :frowning:

Thanks for your ideas.

Hi @Zuvala,

You could achieve it with a bit of “Pin to Browser” and "100% Wide (browser only):

and an Adaptative view:

Here the result:
Sticky - Pin to browser adaptative.rp (51.8 KB)

The idea is that:

  • Dynamic can be pinned (top, left, bottom, …) and can automatically take the width of the windows
  • When the windows width is too small one need to change the behaviour and make the blue Dynamic panel pinned on left and not centered


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Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smile_cat: