Sticky header in resizable dynamic panel

Hello everyone!
I would like to have some help with my work.
I made a popup window which can be resized and there is scroll option inside the popup . the problem is that i cant understand how to make the header stick to the upper side of the popup, both when scrolling and resizing, i managed to get only one option work at a time…

thanks for the help!


If your “popup window” is a dynamic panel (I’ll call “popup dp”) it is best if your “sticky header” is separate from that popup dp. Then it will not scroll/move when popup dp is scrolled.

To support resizing, you can use the Resized event of the popup dp to size and move your header, e.g.,

Set Size MyHeader to ([[This.width]] , )
MyHeader to ( [[This.left]], [[ - Target.height]] )

  • Where in the Set Size action the height value is blank, so the height of the header does not change.
    • Alternatively, you could also resize the header height if you need, based on some “breakpoint” widths, or as a percentage of the popup dp height, (e.g., [[This.height * 0.2]] ).