Stop the main screen from going beyond 0, 0

When I hit my scroll wheel the main screen goes beyond the 0,0 coordinate. How do you lock so that this does not happen?


I’m also wanting to know. It’s driving me nuts with the same issue of scrolling way past top of page, I have no use for this capability a majority of the time. Having to keep clicking the target button, it should toggle into a locked mode.

I am actually in favor of this feature, however, i would love to have the option to change the color of the negative space and maybe even toggle it on or off.

Hi guys!

Thanks for the feedback about the negative regions - I’ll file a ticket with our teams about this. For now, it may help to use the hotkey [Cmd]/[Ctrl] + [9] to go back to (0,0).

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It’s an interesting capability, although I’m not sure what I should be using the negative co-ordinate space for. I’d love to have some suggestions around “how can the -ve space make me more efficient”, since I’m just not seeing it yet.

Personally, I would be happy just to toggle it off.

Hi, as an example, when you edit the top left corner component, it’s easier to have it in the center of you’re screen… Anyway, IMAO bounds have to be implemented (like -x max can allow you to see the left part of you’re design at the center of the screen).

One more vote for the option to disable going beyond 0, 0

Annoying features that are not used by most of the users (assumption :slight_smile: ) should be always optional (personal opinion :slight_smile: ).

Any updates on this? Is it still annoying other people? It’s one of the main reasons I have been sticking with RP8.

Hi there! As of build, you can now lock the Axure RP canvas in place to prevent negative scrolling. To do that, open Axure RP 9, follow the menu path: “Axure RP 9 > Preferences” and then uncheck the “Negative Canvas Regions” checkbox in the Canvas tab of the Preferences dialog.

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Great, thanks Connor!

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