Strange popup in upper left corner

Hi guys,

I don’t know if i messed something up or this is somehow a bug, but in my prototype appeared this popup on page load:

I did not design this… it seems to display some logic cases? A click on the case button is not affecting anything.
What I also noticed is, that my repeater sorting for date suddenly is not behaving correctly.

Does anybody recognize this behavior?

I’m thankful for help!


It’s because you have more than one case on an event, but no conditions applied, so Axure doesn’t know which case to do, so it asks you via this popup. You can click which case you want.

That little grey line is a button for the second case, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have a name so that’s why it looks weird.

My guess though is that you don’t want to click each time, so you need provide conditions for the cases, it just combine them into one of the should both just happen all the time.

Thank you, this helped to know what i have to look for.
So, i messed something up :smiley:

I had my interactions grouped into a Case 1 with no condition applied.
But i did not have a second Case.

So, maybe Axure could have just going with it.
…is this correct behavior to get asked when a condition is empty?


No, if there’s only one case you don’t need a condition. Maybe it’s on a different event? Because based on what you’ve shown it looks like there is an event somewhere with two cases on it.