Strange resize behaviour of arrow-shape - Big bug?


I have a strange resize behaviour of elements with arrow-shape. If you click in the test.rp on another radio button (for example 2) the arrows on the right side change their width, but the height should be always the same (20px)! But what happens is, that the height also resizes!
This is only in the arrow shape, if I switch to the basic rectangle shape, everything is fine.

Somebody an idea whether this is a bug? Or an misconfiguration of the settings?


test.rp (544.0 KB)

Hi there,

has nobody a clue why the behaviour is like this? Should be also important for the Axure staff?


Hi, as I did not found any solution yet for this “bug”. Has anybody an idea of an workaround to avoid these wrong habit, that not only the width, but also the height of the element is resized?