Style is hidden

How do i turn on my yellow style when its hidden, it was working awhile back.

It’s possible that masks have been turned off. The screenshot below shows how you can turn them back on, if so. Can you please check that menu option and see if masks for hidden objects is un-checked? If it is checked, but you’re still not seeing the masks, we can do some further troubleshooting. Thanks!

Nope, still doesnt work. Any other ideas?

Hi joeahair1717,

There is a known bug we have on file where using the eye dropper will cause grids, guides, and masks to disappear from the canvas in the 9 beta. Does that sound similar to what you’ve experienced? If so, our teams are working on a fix for the issue, but in the meantime, closing and reopening the file should bring those back. Could you give that a try to see if that helps?