Style Tab text options

Hey Axure,

Will we see kerning/letting in future releases of the beta? These can be nicely grouped with the current Line Spacing option.


It’s possible! Tracking/letter spacing is on the roadmap, and might make it in for 8.

Thanks, Rachel!

that would be great!

Rachel, now that we’ve RP8 out, I don’t see letter spacing options there? Am I missing something or it still didn’t make to the release?

Would be highly surprised if a persistent user request (for many years) can’t be prioritized. Please let us know!

Hey Shashank.Khanna and others looking for this feature,

Sorry for the disappointment. We weren’t able to get to a solution we were happy with this time, so letter spacing isn’t in 8.0. The priority is still high on this one, as you rightly assume!


Priority still high. Requests go back FOUR years for this feature which is a basic font necessity.

Priority is still high.

Hi Kenn,

Character spacing may not have made it into version 8, but the good news is that it’s coming up in version 9! We’ve just recently released a teaser page for the next release of Axure RP, so if you’re interested in taking a look through what we’ve got in the works for 9 or want to subscribe to keep tabs on updates and news about the next release, the link is available below:

Cheers! :slight_smile: