Suggest a fast way to select a target


This problem has bother me for a long time, it’s when we’ve created tons of the elements/widgets, then created a “New Interaction”, it’s getting harder and harder to select that exactly target even Axure provided “Filter” and “Search”, then I realize why Axure provide a fast way to select the elements/widgets, the picture shows how it works.


Way 1: Just like Adobe Effects
Way 2: Like Chrome “Developer tools > Select an element” (Ctrl+Shift+C)


This looks like you are suggesting a new feature for Axure RP. The idea looks good to me. You should submit it to

The Axure support people only occasionally monitor/reply in this forum, and their forum guidelines ask that feature requests and bug reports are submitted via email and not in this forum.


Aha, I’ve done that, Axure Team has already replied my E-mail. They said they will consider it.:joy:


Yeah… In the meantime, I recommend naming all your interactive and “targetable” widgets. Then you can just start typing their name (or any portion of it) as soon as you focus the “Select Widget” field, and hit Enter when the correct one is found.


Yeah, usually I will named it and search it, but when I build a page like a list, there are many elements using the same name, so it’s still hard to find.
I spent the most time to find the target when I’m using Axure.:laughing: