Suggested improvements

The more I use the new Axure, the more I like it (although the interactions panel is still a bit of a nightmare), however some small improvements would make things better.

  • In interactions when selecting “show” a “scale” option with the ability to set the anchor would also be really useful, so you can scale an item to draw attention to it when it displays. This can be achieved, but you have to show, wait, set size increase, wait, set size decrease.
  • Being able to set size by percent and return to original would also be great, so you don’t have to hardcode everything e.g. set size 200% + return to original: duration 500ms
  • Animated shadows to enable a glow effect
  • A “hide all” option, so that you don’t have to find every item you’ve made visible during the same interaction. This could include a checklist of all the visible items, that would auto-select them all for hiding, so you can turn off any you don’t want to hide. This could be usefull because I regularly have to “show” a load of items and turning them all of individually is a pain. Maybe a “reset to start” option would also solve this
  • Custom common interactions. There’s a lot of interactions that I use all the time, but these are not in the common interactions list and that list doesn’t seem to update based on the actions you’re using, so they’re basically useless to me.

Custom Interactions
Yes…this would be really helpful for keeping interactions consistent across a platform. Having a specific Slide down timing for hide/show of tiles so I can tweak them sitewrde and everything still feels the same. Something like a Interaction Style sheet would be fantastic.

One of the biggest strengths of Axure is that it handles larger projects in a way that helps a designer keep things in context. Just look at the nightmare that is creating a state-map in Sketch…it was easier in Omnigraffle. If we could have interaction styles that would be the bees-knees.