Sum If Functionality / Pivot table type report

I am new to this, and looking for some way to do this.
i want to mimic the sum if [and I realize that sumif is really labels, so maybe it is a bad choice of words] functionality, i have seen how to do it with Labels, but I am wondering if i can use the repeater functionality or the table?
I have about 100 rows and 6 possible filters. And as a user changes some filter criteria, i want the values to shift.

My Data
Filter1 Total1 Filter2 Total2
xxxxxxxxxxxx CT |5,100,000 H 65
xxxxxxxxxxxxx CT |3,500,000 L 32
xxxxxxxxx NY 100,000 L 57

if I select the CT value for Filter 1.
I would see
CT 8,600,000 97

if I select filter2 = L
CT 3,500,000 32
NY 100,000 57

If i select no filters
CT 8,600,000 97
NY 100,000 57

Said another way, I want to Group and display at one level and filter the data at a lower level