Swiping / Sliding Tabs

Hi. I’m designing a mobile prototype and I want to create swipable tabs.
So, I can create the page sliding (horizontally) but the tabs doesn’t work.
I’ve been trying many ways to make it right, but it didn’t work.
I attach the file below (swipe right and left), I want the tabs following its content
(example : when we swipe left, the content come from right and the tab line move to next tab (from left to right))

Pardon my english,

Swiping Tabs.rp (223.0 KB)

One more, there are 2 users that use my application, 1 user has privileges (all design and functions are the same, only few features that this one have).
I’m confused how to distinguish their role.
I have one way, but this is so not efficient, distinguish their role by Login ID, then create duplicate page.
example :
Login ID for Manager : MGR001. Login Page > Home > Page xx > Page that only for Manager
Login ID for Staff : STF0001. Login Page > Home > Page xx > Page for staff.

Is there simpler way to distinguish their role ?

Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do69l4k6a3k&t=28s

Hope this helps

nice! thank you so much James

and is there a solution about my another problem ?

Hi IvanLvr,

In addition to the above suggestions, you could create a Global Variable that you set on the login page. At the stage where the user clicks a “log in” button, you could dynamically link to the appropriate page based on the variable value. Or when the subsequent page loads, you could dynamically show the respective page elements based on the variable value.

Here’s a tutorial showing how to set up and use variables:


Instead of dynamically setting text, for example, you could dynamically show and hide the appropriate contents based on the variable value.

Here’s a more in-depth guide:


Give that a shot in your project, and if you run into trouble, go ahead and attach your RP file and I can take a look!

That’s what I need, thanks for your help Alex!

Hi Alex, I’ve read those tutorials, but I am still confused.
Could you make the example of my problem in .rp ?
So I can more understand when see your example (in .rp)
All of the design and function is same, except one privilege feature for Manager.
(so, when regular staff login, the button of that feature is hidden)

I’ll be so helpful if you could make it. Thanks!

Hi there,

I went ahead and grabbed our training file for the login portion and put together a flow here: ManagerLogin.rp (59.9 KB)

If you enter “Manager” into the username field and then click “Submit”, you’ll be taken to Page 1 with the Manager shape visible. If you enter anything else that’s not “Manager”, clicking Submit will show the Normal View shape on Page 1. And here are screenshots of the main interactions of the Submit button’s OnClick and the OnPageLoad of Page 1:



Also check out this article on Conditional Logic for creating conditional cases that evaluate a variable value: