Switch default libraries folder / workflow for Axure Cloud libraries

  1. Is it possible to make another folder the default for libraries? (Win)

When starting RP 9 it checks for widget libraries in a default folder that was set on installation. in my case, this folder is on my personal workspace on a company server. If the server is unavailable when starting Axure, I get an error message and the application will not start.

So, during Corona times, I’m working from home. For Axure to access this default library folder I need to connect through a slow restricted VPN-connection just to start Axure. (I’ve moved my library to my computer, but still Axure wants to check the default folder on startup.)

Would it be possible to let you start Axure even if it cannot reach the libraries folder? Now, you only get the error message and nothing happens.

  1. Tips on workflow for updating library in Axure Cloud

I have tried to put my library in Axure Cloud which would be a great. But since you cannot access it an update it easily from the libraries pane in Axure and, it doesn’t solve the starting Axure problem, it’s not a solution for my main problem (above).

But is there an easy way to access and update a library file on Axure Cloud? Without having to download file / update file / upload file / etc?