Switch menu with long tap

Hey there.

I´m relatively new to axure and can`t figure out hot to built up this UI with following interactions:

  1. toggle through numbers by tapping on type > got that done with a dynamic panel, works well >>>

  1. by tapping long on type, letter A of the letter menu should light up by keeping the current status of the numbers menu >>>

  1. when tapping now on type, only A and B should light up

with a long tap I want to switch between menus,
with a normal short tap I want to toggle between menu items of active menu

Thanks for any advice… I`ve been searchign for a while already :).

Here is one possible solution. It uses selection states and selection groups to track which menu is active (numeric or alpha). (You could also use global variables in a similar way to track which menu and which menu item is active.)

menu switching.rp (47.6 KB)

  • I used the lines to indicate which menu is active, setting a :selected style to green border and both in a selection group named “menu type line”. The selection group ensures that only one member of a group may be selected at a time.
  • I created a selection group of items 1, 2, 3 and named it “menu num”. I set ‘1’ to selected by default.
  • I created a selection group of items A, B and named it “menu alpha”. I set ‘A’ to selected by default.
  • I created a Click or Tap event for the “type” button with cases to test which menu is active and which item is selected (e.g., IF is selected of menuTypeNumLine equals “true” and is selected of menuNum1 equals “true”) and set the next menu item of the active menu to selected.
  • I created a Long Click or Long Press event to toggle the selection state of “This” (the type button)
    • I created a Selected event to set the menuTypeLineAlpha to true.
    • I created an Unselected event to set the menuTypeLineNum to true.

I don’t know that a dynamic panel is needed, but I imagine you’ve duplicated all the menu characters 5 times? Or maybe two dynamic panels, one for each menu type? This would create some unnecessary maintenance overhead, but it could work in a similar fashion. Just test the “state of panel” to know which item is selected/active.

You can learn more about interaction events and “conditional logic” Axure uses here:

Thanks a lot, exactly what I needed :).
Will go through to understand the steps you`ve done.