Switching a panel resets the scroll to move?


I want content in dynamic panel to shift horizontaly before I show the page. I made it by ScrollTo command on a OnLoad interaction. I combined that with masters and nested dynamic panels, every time it works OK.

But …

When I change states in a dynamic panel, ScrollTo shift is reset!?

I do not know wether this is a bug or a feature. Stil I need a wokaround. Any idea?


ScrollToTest.rp (70.7 KB)


Try this:
ScrollToTest_V2.rp (72.0 KB)

It’s a bit complicated because in Axure there’s only a “ScrollTo a widget” and no “ScrollTo a X,Y position”'s action

One need to store the value of ScrollX, move a widget to this value and then scroll to it


Wow, thank you! I would never find this solution myself.

I would call this workaround. :slight_smile:

Is there a reason for ScrollTo is reset after panel state change?