Switching between Panel States

Hi, everyone!

I have some troubles trying to set the right switching between panels up. Beneath I will try explain the problem exhaustively and add the Project file for more full understanding of the problem.
If You Preview the Project through Your browser, You will see opened “Quick Share tab”. You can Tap on rounded “Plus button” in the “Recipients field”. Then You will see Contacts panel opens. Then I want to proceed Back or Done option. In this case Contacts panel closes revealing not the last previous Tab, but exactly previous Tab according to the order set in the program. You can see it in the Outline pane. Dynamic panel names Tab_Nav_Bar_Panel and has three states with “Contacts” is the last one.

How can I set up the file in order to get the right result, that is tapping on Done or back buttons on Contacts panel state see the last visible panel state.
QDA.rp (377.6 KB)

Hey ivikavik … the problem is that the “Previous state” doesn’t work like your browser back button. The panels are in order and stay in order. If I jump from Panel1 to Panel4 then click “Previous panel” action in Panel4, Axure will take me to Panel3. You will need to set the action “Done” to jump to Panel1.

Hope that’s clear enough?

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Hi ivikavik,

The problem is that when you are using “Previous” for panel navigation it does not go to previously visited panel state but instead it goes to the previous state in order of the panel relative to the currently visible state.
i.e. You have 3 states 1 | 2 | 3 - previous of 3 would be 2 and previous of 2 would be 1.

In the past, I used a global variable to create an indicator from which state or page I arrived. I have updated your file with the same method.
QDA_0.1.rp (380.0 KB)

Take a look maybe it could be used in your project as a way to navigate between panels. I am sure that there are other ways but this one is quite simple to implement and improved (i.e. global var could be updated on panel state change etc.)


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Thah You a lot. Your method are great.