Table border visibility


I was really excited to see that finally table borders can be edited flexibly. At least I thought so. But unfortunately the feature does not work. While the “Border options” are neatly displayed when clicking in the three dots in the “Border” panel, all options are disabled. Is this a bug or are these options still only available for rectangles? That would be a great pity.


I would also like to know why we still can’t control table styles better. It is really frustrating and causes confusion with our developers. I’d love to control which part of the border is displayed.


This is absolutely my #1 most desired feature. Tables are such a key component to so many screens, and in modern designs, it’s extremely common to show only row (but not column) borders in a table. In order to accomplish this I have to either add separate horizontal lines that float above my table control and are super awkward to maintain, or just say heck with it and do my tables in Excel, then paste to Axure as an image.

Please please support better control over borders within a table in an upcoming release. The sooner the better, please!