Table with submenus for each row vs repeater


I have a table of data, and I would like to have a submenu at the level of each row. I really wish I could use repeater for the table, but I have a problem with the submenu - when it apears, it pushes the rows below.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Please find the rp file attached: table-w-submenu.rp (57.6 KB)

You need to do two things to resolve this.

First, click on the repeater and uncheck the ‘Fit content to HTML’ checkbox in the Style tab. This means that the repeater will size itself to what is visible when the row loads, but won’t update the size if what is visible changes.

Next, when you show your menu, click the ‘More options’ link in the Show/Hide interaction you use for the menu and check the ‘Bring to front’ checkbox. This will show the menu and place it above the repeater row, meaning it will display even if it is not visible inside the repeater row.

See attached.

table-w-submenu-amended.rp (58.1 KB)

Note - if you need to combine this kind of menu with a repeater row that has different open/closed states, you can fudge it by placing the context menu above the row rather than below it - this doesn’t trigger a resize, meaning you can leave the ‘Fit to content in HTML’ option checked and it will still work.

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Thank you davegoodman!
I don’t have any expandable rows in this case, so it solves my problem.

I tried to make it work with separate “submenu” dynamic panel. So it was not a part of repeater. Then moving the submenu below the focused row. But the result was complete nonsense.

Here is a thread from a while back with same issue. First solution was same as Dave showed here. Another solution is offered to calculate the x,y location of any row or widget within a repeater, and I’ve used this with great results.

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Thanks for the shout out! haha