Taking copy of wireframe from Prototype Player


We are having a problem wherein the client (who creates & manages the wireframes) keeps changing them after handing over the published version to us. This is causing us problems during delivery as there is a mismatch on the updated version they have now and the version we used for development. Taking screenshots & attaching it to the Stories is a very inefficient way to document it as we have 100s of screens. They are not willing to share access to the Axure file that is WIP. Is there any way I can take the published site that we view in the Prototype Player and download the pages using the Axure RP software and maintain a local backup copy?

Hi there! While there isn’t a way to download the pages when previewing the shared link into an Axure RP file, it be a good solution for you and your client to have them publish the project to two separate links – one link that can be the version you use for development, and another link that the client uses to publish their updates. Feel free to read more about the different publishing options from the Publishing Updates section of our Axure Cloud reference docs.

Hopefully that helps!

As I mentioned, they did give us the locked down version but kept changing the wireframes & publish in the same link. We have no way to find & report this issue. This is causing problem in delivering the Project on time.

I need some way to take a backup of the wires other than just taking a screenshot.