Target Parent Window from iFrame

I’ve searched hi and low for a resolution to this issue and I do not believe it exists. Any assistance is appreciated.

I have page A.
On page A I have an iFrame that I load page B in.
Within page B I have a button that wants to load page C at the parent level (page A)
The open page in parent window command from page B in the iFrame does not work.

The “Open Link in Parent Window” only works if it’s called within a popup window. Axure doesn’t seem to recognize an iframe as a “window”.

There is a work-around to you can try using global variables: Reach with an Element in a Inline Frame a overlapping dynamic panel

If that won’t work for you, you’d have to use some custom JavaScript to get the iframe to talk to the parent page.

Thanks huban - I don’t think it should require this much work so hopefully axure will expand this in a future release :slight_smile: