Target repeater specific repeater rows and set to error state

I can’t quite find the answer to this issue, I would like to onClick target specific rows by index in a repeater and set each of those rows to an error state. I can’t share my prototype unfortunately, but any hints would be great.
Here is my interaction so far, I am missing the part where I can target a series of rows in my repeater and then set to error:


Thank you kindly

Here is the Axure documentation for updating rows

There are several ways you can target a specific row, sequence or set of rows. One nice feature added in RP 10 is the default radio button option to target row numbers, including disparate sets of rows. So, in an Edit Rows action you can just enter in numbers of row indices, like “3” or “3-10”.
…Or, you can specify a rule, like
[[ Item.index == 3 ]] or [[ Item.index >= 3 && Item.index <= 10 ]] or [[ Item.index == OnloadVariable ]] etc.

Rules can refer to any available property of a repeater, like column data. So, if you have a repeater showing flights, prices, times, status, etc. and want to set rows with certain price values to an error state, you could set up the repeater with (among other columns) a column for Price and a column for Status (maybe could be normal, error, late, pending, etc.) When the value of the Status column is “error” the repeater’s Item Loaded event would have a conditional case like,
If [[Item.Status]] equals "error" Set Panel State MyStausPanel to Error State

…Then you could set rows with flight prices over $600 to error with a rule like,

Edit Row Data
MyRepeater set Status to “error” where “[[Item.Price > 600]]”

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I found a work around - on item load I check a “Number” column that I added, if the item matches those three numbers (new rows) I set the rows to error state. That works fine, however when I want to remove the error state from the three added rows it won’t remove it from one of them - but I think that is a bug.