Targeting DP's from "down below"


Surely this has been asked before, so if you know of a link please post. I just can’t seem to find the answer…

How do you target a DP from a link that is “way down below”, meaning, a DP that resides on the top layer of the given page, above and outside the current DP. Sounds like a dumb question but having been away from Axure for a while I’m scratching my head. Perhaps I’m just rusty… or not?


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And to add some clarification…

I have “master one” I have a link inside of a dp that is inside of a parent dp. I need to be able to show a fullscreen pop-in dp (which is also a master) when the user clicks that link. At present the pop-in dp doesn’t list in the case editor.



Sounds like you need to use a Raised Event inside a master. Can you upload an example file?

Great, thank you for your help. I’ve uploaded the file for you. Click into the search field and then when the dropdown appears click the link in it. That should show a large pop-in.


DCtemplate.rp (395.2 KB)

You made everything correct. But didn’t complete it. Probably you didn’t find the raised event showSearchPopin which should trigger the interaction. You find it by clicking on the placed master Masthead at the page. I’ve added the missing Show action. I also removed the OnLostFocus event on the search field because it interferred with the raised event. You think you click on the link, but actually the OnLostFocus is triggered first, and the prototype never realise you also clicked on the link. You should implement this differently. Or maybe you don’t need it since the popin will cover the dropdown anyway. See attached file with these two alterations, I hope it gives you the desired result. template.rp (396.5 KB)

Thank you dagtj!

You gave me an “ah-hah!” moment :slight_smile: I thought I had done it all correctly but was baffled at why it wasn’t working. Thanks for uncovering that “bug”!