Team Documenting a Project: How to include the CSS/Widget styles in the Notes export?

I’m hoping I’m just missing how to do this. I want to export information about hover states, the colors, gradients, corner radius (basically all of the CSS information) into my Notes report. This would come in so handy so that I can hand it off to the developers. All I can figure out now, however, is to select each widget, open the Style’s panel, and fat finger the information into a Note field. This is very tedious because u have to open all the color palettes individually to get the colors/gradients.

It would be a great help if Axure 8 would please export all of the Styling information to include:

Name of the Widget (ex. if it’s a button, and it’s grouped, then export the name of that group)
Picture of the Widget
All of the CSS information: color, gradients, corner radius, padding, positioning, fill, shadow, border, opacity, font, line spacing, bullets, alignment, etc.

Also include exporting all of the Properties information to include:
Interaction styles like mouseOver, mouseDown, etc
and the corresponding colors/styles.

These details would be so helpful in documenting the project.

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There isn’t currently a way to export styling information for widgets, but I would be more than happy to submit a feature request for this to our product management team for review. For now, a simpler workaround might be to use custom widget styles, if you aren’t already. That way, you’d only have to document the information for each style once. Then, all you’d have to indicate in the widgets’ notes is which styles they’re using.

I hope this helps!

There’s another way to do this.
If you create and apply custom styles, they will be written to style.css file when the HTML is generated.
It’s in the data folder.

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it’s great news! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!