Team is not available in RP 8 Pro Navigation

I’d like to collaborate on a file with a student friend. We both have the student license for Axure and we both use the latest version of
In his navigation the “Team” Navigation point is available. In my axure there’s none. As you can see in the screenshot. How can I get the “Team” Navigation menu to show up?

Hi Thomas!

It looks like you received a student license earlier in the RP 8 release cycle, during the time when we were providing RP 8 Pro edition to students. RP 8 Pro does not include Team Projects. To get access to team projects, you’ll need the RP 8 Team edition, which we’ll be happy to assist you with. Please email our sales team at, include a link to this forum thread, and let them know that you were directed there. Let me know if you run into any trouble in the meantime :).

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Thank you for your swift reply. I’ve just sent an e-mail to

No prob :ok_hand: . We’ve received your email and will be responding soon!

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Hi I have the same issue, i have axure pro 8 license but i don’t see team tab. While other team members in my team can, they have same exact version infact they had 7 pro, and then were upgraded to 8 pro. Please help!

Here’s a quick update on this issue!

SupreetKaur contacted our support team, and we were able to figure out that this issue was happening because the team was using Axure RP 8 Team licenses while SupreetKaur was using Axure RP 8 Pro. To clarify, Axure RP 7 Pro licenses are the equivalent of Axure RP 8 Team licenses, and Axure RP 7 Standard licenses are the equivalent of Axure RP 8 Pro licenses. If anyone’s running into a similar issue, you will want to upgrade your Axure RP 8 Pro license to an Axure RP 8 Team license through the customer portal. :slight_smile: