Team Library / Widget Styles not updating correctly



Hi there, I am having issues setting up a team library for future projects.

Our setup
We are working with multiple team accounts and have the lastest Axure RP9 installed on both PC and Mac. Everything is up-to-date. (not beta-channel)

What we want
One team library that can be included in multiple team projects. If there are changes to the team library, all projects are updated automatically. Say, if a widget style for a library widget is changed, ALL the corresponding widgets will become the updated style.

What I did
I created a new workspace and a new team library from Account A on Mac. I tested with a handful of widgets. I loaded the team library in a new team project. I added those widgets. Nothing else was done in the team project.
I went back to the library and made changes to the widget styles (background color).

My problem
The library gets updated automatically just fine, the preview of the widget shows the new color. BUT: when I drag a new widget on the stage, it still has the old color. AND: all previously used widgets also still have the old color.

What I tried
I went to a PC and tried with Account B to edit those. Now when I update only the background color (and not the widget style), the library changes will affect the background color for any new element. One step closer.
But: when I update the widget style in the library and check in, any new widget is now added with the ORIGINAL background color, which is neither in the widget background color, nor the widget styles, nor the preview in the library.
And “Get all changes” also has no effect.

This seems to be really buggy. I would like a way to work on the widgets and their styles on a single library file, and then propagate those changes to the projects in the same workspace. We want to set up our widget library for common elements. And say, the customer decides he doesn’t like blue anymore but is now more into green, then we could change that for all the projects.

How do I set this up correctly?

Thanks! Kathrin