Tell me how you can implement this functionality

need repeater, which will be recorded when you click next step form, when you click on another button the last step variable form is erased.
I’ve been using Axure 9 recently and haven’t figured out how to implement It yet
test back.rp (99.2 KB)

Your question is hard for me to understand.
What do you mean by “need repeater, which will be recorded”? How would a repeater be recorded?
What is a “next step form”?
What is a “last step variable form”? …And what does it mean to have it “erased”?

Could you upload an .rp file to demonstrate how you would set this up? Maybe link to a website that does all this? Or some diagrams or sketches with key states and behaviors called out?

How to get the value in the last string of the repeater? How to delete the last string in a repeater by click?