Testing "Teams" before upgrading from pro?

Hi Axure Team, we use Axure 8 Pro for our company, and we think about upgrading to the Teams license. It shows up as a 400 $ option on my license. Now before spending this for me and others I would like to try it out first.

Most of our customers (Germany) do not want any of their files stored in a cloud-environment, so having them on axshare is a no-go. I need to test out if our local network infrastructure works well enough to justify to upgrade.

Is there a way to give me a “test this out” option for me and at least one collegue, or should we rather test it with new accounts? It seams such a hassle to log out and change between different accounts and licenses, so maybe there is a simpler option.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I would be interested in a little review of the pro-environment as well. Maybe you can write a little summary after you have tested it?

Hi Kathrin!

You bet. Please shoot us an email at support@axure.com and one of our staffers will be able to get you up and running with a trial extension key. The free trial also provides access to the full feature set (including the Team Projects feature and Enterprise features). When you enter the extension, it’ll take precedence over the Pro edition that’s currently activated. And if you have further questions as you email us, just let us know :).