Text anime : word by word

Hi guys. I meet a problem about text anime. In my demo I want to design a rectangle to Show some dialogue text. I hope the words can be shown one by one in few seconds. Besides, the whole text is able to appear once I click the screen. The key problem is I cant design the anime well. I tried add an rectangle (same color as background) as an barrier which is moved from left to right. But there are two problem. 1 ) the barrier also hides the right side of frame line. 2) it can’t work if there are two lines of sentences. Someone give me an idea please? Really thanks. The problem looks like this:

Well, I got a plan. Firstly I find a way to change the size of rectangle, which can achieve a similar goal. Then use two barriers for mulitiple lines. Seems I have to creat over 100 states for all the text.

You can actually do what you want “for real” using Axure’s indexOf and substring functions.

One_Word_At_A_Time.rp (59.6 KB)

Really thanks for your work. It really helps my Axure learning. XD

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