"Text Changed" Interaction not working as expected

Having a problem with a “Text Changed” interaction.

I have two text boxes sitting on a page. I have a “Text Changed” interaction on each box with “Set Text” on each that sets the value in the opposing box to “” (blank). So when I begin typing into Box 1 any value in Box 2 gets blanked out and visa versa.

That part works. However, if, say, I want to key the value “X” into box 2, I have to key it in twice. The first time, the interaction sets box 1 to blank but doesn’t accept the value “X” into box 2. The second time, box 2 accepts and displays the value “X” in the box.

So it seems that the interaction has to execute first before the text box will accept what’s being keyed into it.

Is this just a shortcoming of Axure RP 9?

Move your interaction code to the Key Up event for each text field, instead of Text Changed.

Here’s what’s likely going on… When you enter “A” in field 1 and then “X” in field 2, your code sets the text value of field 1 to blank, which would trigger its Text Changed event, thus setting the text value of field 2 to blank. This would happen faster than you could notice (probably faster than the graphics would even be updated.) The second time you enter “X” in field 2, it would again set the text value of field 1 to blank–but it is already blank, so no change, so its Text Changed event would not be triggered.

Wow that’s certainly not what I expected. Thank you