Text disappears from canvas when enlarged

I’ve been using Axure for over a year now, and just today had a new issue crop up.

I added an H1 rectangle, and it showed up just fine. I then tried to enlarge it to 72px, and it disappears. The rectangle is still there, but it doesn’t show up on the canvas.

I previewed the project, and it DOES show up. I tried again with H3, and then paragraph, and the same thing happens. If I pull it back down to 48px or lower, it does show up on the canvas.

Anyone seen this before? It’s super annoying.

EDIT: If I zoom in on the canvas (or out apparently) the text shows up. Still annoying, but workable.

Hi jteason!

It sounds like you are encountering an issue where the text on these widgets is disappearing when the font size is set to 72px. It sounds like this behavior is also dependent on the canvas zoom percentage that is used. Did you experience some behavior where the larger font size only appeared at a 100% or larger zoom percentage on the canvas? We have seen some similar reports of this issue occurring, particularly when a high resolution monitor, such as a 4K monitor is in use and the monitor is set to a non-standard display scale.

Please let me know if such a monitor configuration is in use in this case!

I don’t think that’s it. I just tried it on my laptop monitor, as well as two others, and the same thing happens. If I zoom in at 100% or more, the text shows up just fine.


Hi jteason,

Thanks so much for checking! It sounds like the issue is occurring regardless of which monitor is used when the canvas is zoomed out at less than 100%. We do have a report filed for an issue such as this, so I’ve gone ahead and added a note to this report regarding your experience for our respective teams to review.

Thanks for doing that. I opened another RP file and tried it just to make sure it wasn’t the particular file. It does the same thing.

Thanks again!

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