Text field on mobile prototype

Hi all,

I have build a mobile prototype that includes a text field (a form). When viewing the prototype on my form, on tapping the field the cursors doesn’t show-up and the keypad is not displayed. Is this a know issue or am I missing something incredibly obvious?

Also, do you know if there is a way to mimic the focus to the field when tapping on it, by moving the page up and showing the keypad?

Thank you,

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Hi Antonio,

It sounds like you’re running into a bug in Axure RP 9 where tapping on form fields doesn’t set focus to the widget on mobile devices (this affects both Android and iOS). We have this filed on our end and it should be getting fixed up, but in the meantime as a workaround users have been adding OnClick events to those widget that in turn use the Set Focus action to focus those widgets when tapped. Hopefully that helps for now!