Text field Return goes to next Text field


I have a Text field that I am typing in and on return it sets text to the text I want. Then I want it to also go to the next text field without me clicking into it. I want to just return and be in the next text field. I need this today, big presentation

Can anyone help

Assign a submit button for your text field (right-click on text field and choose “Submit button”) Your button can be any widget with interaction code. It can be visible or hidden. On that button’s OnClick event, assign a statement to "set Focus on TextField2 (where “TextField2” is name of your next text field.)


Here is a quick demo. I thought I better demonstrate my description, especially for “hidden” submit buttons.

Text Field Progression.rp (80.9 KB)

The Home page shows the basic approach, where each field has its own submit button to handle Returns. Note each field has a Submit button assigned to it, which is automatically triggered when the field is in focus and the Enter key is pressed.

Page 1 shows how the submit buttons can be hidden from view. You can’t simply hide the buttons as most/all browsers will block hidden elements from executing code for security reasons. The buttons are in a dynamic panel (dp), the dp’s “Fit to Content” option is deselected, and the buttons are placed outside the dp viewport.

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