Text inside buttons/rectangles gets wrong Y-position

Hi. Just started to play around in V9 and now see that any text inside a button or box gets positioned wrong when previewing in a browser (same if it’s published in the Axure cloud). Also same error in various browsers. I tried to remove the padding and tweak any settings but text is still wrong in the Y-axis.

Any solution to this? (Axure to the left, Safari to the right in the screenshot)

Hm… some more testing reveals that if I start a brand new document, this problem doesn’t exist. In my previous document I have added an external CSS to get some special fonts going, but the previous screenshot had Arial set as text. Seems like the external CSS mess up any other typography I would like to add/use.

It 100% depends on what the CSS was, specifically. Seems like in this case you added rules that match this element in some way. It could be possible to tweak your CSS to avoid the issue. Or just don’t use it if you don’t need it.

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