Text on widget "This" not working

I had an On Click event to set the text to a text entry box to the text on a selected link. “This” did not work. I had to name the link, then set the behavior to Text On Widget (link name). I use “This” all the time and it’s a real time saver for me so I’m not happy if it’s not going to be replaced in 9

To be clear, the action was on an On Click event that was on a widget with text? If [[This.text]] did not work then it sounds like a bug.

correct. To get it to work I had to name the widget for the action then select the named widget. “This” would not work.


When you say “link,” are you talking about the Link Button widget? Also, are you clicking this link to put the link’s text into entry field?

I was offered This as a choice in this scenario.

I was going to send you the .rp, but of course, just like when you bring a friend to see your dog do tricks and they do nothing, now “This” works fine. (*sigh)

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