The cursor tricks me every time!

When using Axure, I often operates one or more programs on my second screen and when I am active in another program, the cursor in Axure blinks away as if I could just type in something, but I can’t - not until i have clicked somewhare in Axure.

I do not expect to be able to type in things when I am active in another program, but the blinkink cursor tricks me into thinking that axure are ready to handle my typing.

Just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

Hi there! I’m testing a dual-screen setup in RP 8 (build 3372) and the text fields in the tool (e.g. the Name field in the Inspector, fields in the Case editor) seem to defocus correctly on one display while I work on the second display. Any chance you can record a short video that captures the persistent blinking as you work across displays? Let me know whether you notice that the blinking occurs only on some specific fields too. Thnx!

Sure, can you by any chance contact me by the mail linked to my profile here? i can’t upload my file to this message.

Ah, to send a separate attachment directly to us, please include it in an email to our support team at And reference this thread URL in your email message. Thank you!