The font i used does not appear in the shared axure file


Hi there,
I’ve troubles with the font i use in my prototype. In my google chrome it shows the correct font, but when i send the share link to others they see another (ugly) font. I already used font mapping en added the @font-face in the fonts folder, but it does not work.
Project-Swiss_fontsproblem.rp (2.1 MB)
I tried a lot of different names or font mappings. Can somebody help me? It is not a google font. The font is called Nexa. The webfont files are here:


You have to set up Web Fonts and Font Mapping, so that when you use your locally installed fonts (Nexa on your computer system) they are replaced with (mapped to) a specific web font (and optionally font parameters like “Light”, “Italic” etc.)

Find out how to do this here:


I did that, or did i do something wrong? Can you check my screenshots?


First of all, I should have linked to the RP8 reference, as this has changed a bit in RP9. Here is the reference for fonts in RP8:

It’s not super obvious, but the text string in the Font Mappings > font-family field must match the text string in the Web Fonts > Name field. So, in your screenshot, you have a font-family of “Nexa” but no matching “Nexa” in your Web Fonts.