The Libraries Were Not Loaded

When I start Axure it says ‘The Libraries Were Not Loaded’ in a pop up. This just started recently. I think it’s a caching issue but not sure how to fix. There is nothing in the cache4 folder.

I have had this issue before and resolved it but this time I am not having any luck. Super annoying.

Also, when I load a library from the cloud…it just sits there saying ‘loading’ and never finishes or loads.


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Same Problem since quite a while: how to fix this issue ?

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I have sent my error logs to the Axure support team. I will send you an answer when I get one. Hopefully in the next day or two.

Any fixes for this found?

I’m having the same problem. Followed directios in another post (deleting C-4 cache). It worked once, but not on subsequent files. It is super annoying.

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